Nobody likes the hassle of having to enforce their parking rules. Towing someone’s car makes you feel like the “bad guy” even when the driver is at fault. Instead of shouldering this weight, hire Patriot Towing of Canton, GA, an experienced private property management towing service, and let us do the dirty work. Our team focuses on compliance and not conflict by providing notices to drivers before towing becomes necessary. We will ensure that you are meeting all the required laws and statutes of the state and local city ordinances with your private parking lot.

If you are looking for an effective and consistent solution for enforcing the parking guidelines in your community, partner with Patriot Towing Services. We understand the importance of keeping your parking lots organized and clear for your customers, tenants, employees, and emergency services. Through good communication and consistent standards, we will help you retake control of your lot in a peaceful, non-confrontational manner. To learn more about our services, reach out to Patriot Towing Services of Canton, GA.

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Towing & Hauling

Towing & Hauling

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing

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Roadside Assistance

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Private Property Management

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Fleet Management

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Construction and Equipment Hauling

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See What Our Customers Say

Jonathan Nation

Patriot Towing was fast to respond and gave me a phone call within 5 minutes to get all the details. Heather showed up to pick up my truck and was very good at her job. Took her no time to get the truck loaded. Very prof... more

August 03, 2022

Kevin B

These guys are All Stars. They responded to my urgent call of being stuck in a landfill during an intense storm last week. I have done nothing but brag about these guys for the last week

July 30, 2022

Bryan Arreola

Exceptional Customer Service! Car gave out on the side of the highway on the way from work and Patriot Towing Company got there as soon as they could. Mark T was very professional and made my bad day into a good one. All... more

July 21, 2022

Heather Daniel

From the moment I got my very first phone call from Leona, I can tell you that I have been blown away by the level of customer service and friendly people at Patriot Towing. To add to that, my tow truck driver, Mark Tod... more

July 19, 2022


I was directed to Patriot thru my insurance. On a bright and hot Saturday, they only took an hour or so to get to me, for which they apologized for the busy delay.. I was not worried in the least as another company quote... more

June 18, 2022

Bradley Mason

Great towing company can't recommend them enough. They take great pride with the level of service and care the provide for each and every tow.

May 28, 2022

Daishell Densler

I went through GEICO to find Patriot. I have a great experience with them. My car died in the side of the highway and they were able to get it towed within an hour. Everyone was so helpful and friendly including the peop... more

May 08, 2022

Lauryn Fairweather

This company is very affordable and caring. They are fast and reliable. Rick, the candid driver, assisted with our customer and was so high-spirited. They have 4 stars for a reason.

March 27, 2022

Max Permiakov

JC was quick! Very professional ahead of ETA and super friendly, great communication !

March 09, 2022

Tatelyn Eldredge

My car broke down in Woodstock and the Patriot team was actually my second call. I called another local company and they wanted double the money and double the time estimate. Heather (?) was awesome to talk to and they g... more

February 28, 2022

Mark Todd

Great people. Veterans owned and operated. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to support patriot towing and stand behind them. God bless you all and keep up the great work guy's and be safe out there

February 08, 2022

Charlie Art

recently called Patriot Towing (2nd Time)
Absolutely the best! Very prompt, professional, and courteous! Thanks so much Brad for such great service and lending your ear.... after such a stressful moment!

January 25, 2022

John Rothman

Amazing. They were at my car in less than 15 minutes. Fastest tow I've ever experienced.

January 18, 2022


From the moment that I called this company to the moment where my car was towed away, every person I spoke with was not only professional but extremely nice and caring. I will only use this company for all of my future t... more

January 15, 2022

Jennifer Beavin

Best service of any company we’ve dealt with in any industry! The over communication was exceptional. My car died in our driveway. Eric walked us through the process in detail which included an accurate pick up window.... more

January 10, 2022

Aj Nichols

Leona is awesome.

December 16, 2021

Kay Cooper

Very helpful, great service. Patient on phone calls & kept me informed. Helped me with unusual problem--had to get my car from a parking lot/storage (no keys, no parking ticket) near Atl Airport and then tow it to a town... more

December 09, 2021

albert simmons

One of the best Towing experiences I have had in all my years of driving. Very courteous and knowledgeable driver came to help me in a time of need.

December 09, 2021

Melissa Santiago

Life savers !!!! They helped me out a lot. Pricey but worth it

October 21, 2021

timothy mcdaniel

Great prompt , professional and courtesy service

October 21, 2021

Mia Pean

Ethan L was beyond amazing, he was professional and also gave my daughter advice on our new puppy that we just got. Very professional and helpful and very nice. I would definitely ask for him again if I was in a situatio... more

September 26, 2021

Tracie Sanders

Very helpful, friendly and professional. I had my car back home within an hour on a Sunday morning. I would recommend them!

September 19, 2021
Patriot Towing Service Canton GA

Meetthe team

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Bill Atkins


Nathan Bennett


Justin Moore

Senior Driver

Brad Shane

Driver - Trainer

Jeff Ward

Driver - Trainer

Tempest Nestler


Rick Godfrey


Eric Ungerleider


Bobbie Duke



Private Property Towing Professionals

It is never a pleasant task to enforce the parking rules on your private commercial property if those rules are being violated. This often involves towing a vehicle in violation of these rules. As a property owner, you would rather not have to deal with any possible dispute arising with the owner of such a vehicle when towing it becomes necessary. We have a solution. Our team at Patriot Towing Services – an experienced Private Property Towing Services company – can handle this unpleasant work for you. We can make sure you are complying with the required statutes and laws in Georgia in addition to any local city laws in Canton or the surrounding areas.

Your Trusted Private Property Towing Service

If you need a competent and effective solution to enforcing your private property parking lot rules, it is important to have a trusted partner to handle these issues for you. At Patriot Towing Services, we know the importance of keeping your parking lot regulated, clear, and organized for your employees, tenants, customers, and potential emergency vehicles.

Reducing and Handling Conflicts Between the Parties

Our private property towing services focus on minimizing challenges and disputes between all involved parties, promoting an atmosphere of compliance without conflict. As a property manager, we know you don’t have extra time to engage in parking issues and mediate conflicts. We handle this for you.

At Patriot Towing Services, a trusted provider among private property towing companies, we can help you warn, enforce, and simply communicate effectively about the parking responsibilities and rights of your customers and tenants, ensuring their needs are met. Our private property towing services extend to office buildings, shopping centers, colleges, high schools, office complexes, residential apartment complexes, and municipalities.

Contact Us for Private Property Towing

For help with private property towing in Canton and beyond, call us today at 770.212.9230, or complete our contact form.

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